Legal Aid

A supporter on Facebook has put out the following information-

“If you get arrested you can call 360-866-3556. That is the office of Jackson Millikan, and Olympia lawyer, him and some other National Lawyers Guild folks from the surrounding area will be using it as a home base to do legal support for people who get arrested. He is keeping very extended hours and trying to be as available as possible but if it goes to voicemail leave a message (there should be directions in the outgoing message) and someone will come try to get you out!

Some things to keep in mind, if a lot of people are arrested please do not call trying to get information, they need to talk to the people who were arrested much more. I will be in contact with Jackson and the other lawyers there and trying to get out as much information as possible, and if you see me in person you can ask me for information or my cell phone number so that you can call me later if needed. I’m also going to try to be a point person for jail support, which means I will be there with coffee when you get out, if a lot of people are arrested I will need more people to help with this. Last thing, these lawyers are going to try to get everyone released for free, however if you are charged with something bigger they will not necessarily be able to take on entire cases, but I can try to get people in touch with lawyers who can give more extended/long term pro bono help if that becomes necessary.”

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