Tag That Nazi

The best way to hit back at your typical white supremacist is to expose him or her to the light of day.  These people have faces and addresses and they don’t want them known.  Any information you can collect helps us accomplish this and can also be provided to target groups for their protection. The more precise the better.

Images of individuals and license plate numbers are invaluable.  Send these to olydocuments@gmail.com.  We will compile them and put them out on this site.

Whether or not you are sure you got a good image it is also useful to take down as much information about the person as possible.

Location information is critical:  

  • Observe where you are when you encounter the Nazi.
  • Note the time as precisely as possible.  
  • Make sure to indicate if the person is armed.
  • If they leave the area, note the direction.  
  • If they are in a vehicle, note as much of the following information as possible: vehicle type (auto, truck, van, etc.); color; make and model; condition (dirty, damaged, etc.); and license plate numbers.  


A variety of general description information about the Nazi should be noted:  

  • Gender
  • Age (estimated)  
  • Height-use comparisons with your own height, a door, or some other standard measure  
  • Weight (estimated)  
  • Build-fat, husky, slim, muscular, etc.  


Facial information is also important:  

  • Hair-note the color, texture, hairline, style; also possible dyes or wigs  
  • Forehead-note forehead height, and whether the skin is smooth, creased or wrinkled  
  • Eyes-note the color, shape (round, slanted), whether clear or bloodshot, and the heaviness of eyelashes and eyebrows  
  • Nose-overall shape (long, wide, flat, etc.) and nostrils (wide, narrow, flared) are important  
  • Cheeks-is the flesh sunken, filled out, dried or oily? are there wrinkles around nose or mouth? are cheek bones high or low, wide or narrow?  
  • Ears-note size and prominence (protruding or flat against head)  
  • Mouth-are lips thin, medium, full? do corners turn up, turn down, or level?  
  • Chin-what is the shape (round, oval, pointed, square)? double chin, dimpled, cleft?  
  • Neck-note protruding Adam’s apple or hanging jowls  
  • Complexion-note pores, pockmarks, acne, razor rash, bumps  
  • Facial hair-clean shaven? unshaven? beard, mustache, goatee, sideburns?  
  • Tattoos-shape and style; on what part of the body  


Clothing information is also very important:  

  • Hat-note color, style, ornaments, how it is worn (bill forward, backward, to one side)  
  • Coat-note color and style (suit coat, jacket, topcoat, overcoat)  
  • Shirt/Blouse/Dress-note color, design, sleeves, collar  
  • Trousers/Slacks/Skirt-note color, style, cuffs  
  • Socks-note color, pattern, length  
  • Shoes-note color, style, brand name for sneakers (if possible), condition  
  • Accessories-sweater, scarf, gloves, necktie  
  • Jewelry-rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces  
  • General appearance-neat or sloppy? clean or dirty?  
  • Oddities-look for clothing too large or too small; odd colors; patchwork  


Look for other physical features or peculiarities:  

  • Voice-pitch, tone, rasp, lisp  
  • Speech-articulate, uneducated, accent, use of slang  
  • Gait-slow, fast, limp  

You will never be able to remember all of these details about any one Nazi you may see. But remembering as many as possible can be particularly helpful.

3 thoughts on “Tag That Nazi

  1. The format above is designed to help us document and identify a fascist. During a protest situation when you are trying to pass along tactical information a slightly different format may be useful-

    1) Number of fascists
    2) What they are doing
    3) Where they are doing it
    4) The time they are doing it at
    5) Anything else useful such as if they have weapons, info about their vehicles, their appearance and so on


  2. Is there a place where all the info and Intel is being posted? A very powerful way to send the skinheads and white supremacists hiding is to post publicly who they are, where they live, and where they work


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