Update and a Call for Assistance


You may have noticed that things have been quiet for the past week or more.  We have been focused on doing in depth research on the Nazi skinheads that came to Olympia.  Look for more revelations at some point in the not too distant future.

We are back in action today with an article with new information on Officer Ryan Donald and on the Olympia City Council’s response to the shooting of Bryson Chaplin and Andre Thompson.  Some of you may be thinking that this is a departure from our focus on Nazi skinheads and their racist supporters.  It has always been our intention to include police brutality and participation in systemic racism within our range of reporting.  The recent posting of fliers around town with some important new information provided the opportunity for our first move in this direction.

Call for Assistance

There are a few things olydocuments would very much like your help with.

1. We know that skinheads came to Olympia before their demo at City Hall on the 26th.  We think this is an important story to share with the community.  However, we don’t have enough information to put together a clear timeline.  If you encountered skinheads or other overt racists in Olympia between May 21 and 29 we’d very much like to hear your story.  Even better if you have pictures or video. The message that the skinheads came to Olympia on their own accord immediately after the shooting, as part of a cold-blooded calculation that it would help them recruit other racists, is an important one to get out.  Please help us out.

We understand that security culture and other concerns may make you reluctant to reach out to us.  Rest assured that we will do everything possible to protect the identity of our sources.

2. The fliers outing various Nazis and other racists that were posted around town contained some information that we don’t have at olydocuments.  If someone could supply us a set of the fliers, Twitter hashtags where they can be found, or photos it would be much appreciated.

Please understand that while we felt it necessary to make it clear we didn’t put out the fliers, that doesn’t mean we have a negative view about them.  The reality is that like much of the community, our affinity group includes members that have both positive and negative reactions to them.  We simply didn’t want to be accountable for content that we weren’t aware of, especially given that our site was referenced on the fliers.

3. We continue to value and seek any other information you may have about topics we have reported on including Nazi skinheads in our region, overt racists, the Olympia Police Department, Olympia City Council responses to the shooting, Officer Ryan Donald, and so on.

If you have information you’d like to share you can email us at olydocuments@gmail.com.

Olympia City Council Opts for Spin Over Meaningful Reform/More Details Emerge About Ryan Donald

Anonymous local activists have recently distributed hundreds of fliers containing disturbing revelations about Officer Ryan Donald and the Olympia City Council’s response to Donald’s shooting of Bryson Chaplin and Andre Thompson. These fliers are reprinted below. In them there are a few things in particular to note.
1.) Officer Ryan Donald’s Facebook page included a photo shopped image of Martin Luther King holding a Popsicle with the caption, “I HAVE A DREAMSICLE.” Some may argue that this meme is simply a clever play or words. Others may find it overtly racist. Clearly, Donald thought that it was okay and humorous for a white cop to reduce one of the pinnacle moments of the civil rights struggle into a joke in a public forum- an act of racial insensitivity at best.


This sort of poor judgment seems to be a pattern for Officer Donald. Recent disclosures reveal that he was formally reprimanded by his superiors in the Olympia Police Department three times over the last few years. One time for arresting the wrong person on a warrant and failing to discover the mistake until the person was delivered to the station for booking. Another time for mishandling narcotics evidence.

The most pertinent incident took place in April of 2013. Donald arrived on the scene of a disturbance at an apartment involving ten people. Typically, a police officer would call for back up. Instead, he went into the situation alone and put himself into a place where, “the use of force was inevitable.” He dealt with the situation by physically engaging an aggressive participant. This situation resulted in his exposure to attack by three other people involved in the altercation. Two of those men had to be “placed on the ground” by the Officer as a result and one was injured in the process. This led to Donald being formally reprimanded by his supervisor Sgt. Allen because this incident was part of a pattern in which he repeatedly, “…acted alone in situations where sound police tactics and common sense called for more than one Officer.” Allen indicated that he had counselled Donald verbally and would need to continue to monitor his behavior.

It was exactly this sort of behavior- acting alone in a situation where, “…sound police tactics and common sense called for more than one officer,” that many believe led to the shooting of Bryson Chaplin and Andre Thompson.




2.) The fliers also contain images of an agenda from the most recent Olympia City Council quarterly retreat. In the photos you can clearly see that ‘Shooting’ had been crossed out and replaced by-

Public Engagement Actions
· Recognize Police Dept. Accomplishments
· Elevate Accomplishments

Photo of the Image from the flier below shown as it was put up at the City Council quarterly retreat
Photo of the image from the flier below shown as it was put up at the City Council quarterly retreat

Clearly, the City Council chose to use their retreat to discuss ‘spin’ rather than serious issues of accountability for an officer who showed possibly criminal bad judgment that resulted in two young black men ending up in the hospital, one of them quite possibly paralyzed for life.
The fliers correctly indicate that we may never know if Officer Donald was motivated by overt racism when he fired on these young men. What we do know with certainty is that he has displayed a pattern of bad decisions which led to the most recent shooting tragedy and should lead to his dismissal. It also quite clear that this shooting places Ryan Donald and the Olympia Police Department squarely within the pattern of systemic racism that results in young black men being shot by police at a rate nearly 30 times higher than whites. If the mayor and the City Council wanted to truly address the issue of systemic racism and internal accountability they wouldn’t cross out the issue of the shooting and instead focus on ways to improve the OPD’s tattered image. Instead they might consider remedies to address systemic problems and prevent unwarranted police violence from occurring again in our community such as-
· Immediate deployment of body cameras
· De-escalation training
· Anti-oppression training
· Civil rights training emphasizing that the police protect and serve all members of the community including suspects and perpetrators
· An independent civilian review board including members of ‘targeted’ communities
· Termination of officers with a pattern of complaints or reprimands as well as criminal charges where warranted
· Changes in leadership if required to bring about a change of institutional culture consistent with the above
It’s clear, the City Council is more concerned with ‘Elevating [Police] Accomplishments’ than actual meaningful reform that addresses systemic racism head on. It is up to all of us to continue to exert our rights and drive change by keeping the pressure on – be it inside City Hall and/or on the streets.
Although the following fliers were not created by Olydocuments, we are excited to be posting them here and thank the people who created and distributed them for working hard to expose the truth.


Understanding the Olympia Officer Involved Shooting
and Why the City’s Response is Racist, Wrong, and Dangerous

The facts as we know them:
At 1:15 A.M. early Thursday, May 21st, 2015 on the westside of Olympia, Washington, white police officer, Ryan Donald, shot two young Black unarmed brothers, Andre Thompson, aged 24, and Bryson Chaplin, aged 21.
These two Olympia residents were initially in serious condition at nearby hospitals in Tacoma and Seattle. Andre Thompson was released from the hospital five day after being shot but has broken ribs and internal injuries. As of June 4th, Bryson Chaplin is still hospitalized and paralyzed from the waist down with a bullet lodged in his spine.

According to the local newspaper, The Olympian, of May 22, 2015 the two brothers had been skateboarding at a local park before going to a Safeway supermarket nearby. They picked up some beer and were stopped by an employee of Safeway inside the store but near the entrance and past the cash registers. When challenged, they dropped the beer and took off shortly before 1 A.M., on Thursday, May 21st.

Safeway then called the Olympia police department. Officer Ryan Donald responded and saw Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin a few minutes later, about ½ a mile north of Safeway and near the brothers’ home. According to initial police reports, Donald got out of his police car a little before 1:15 a.m. and was attacked by one of the brother with a skateboard. Donald then shot one of them. First shots were fired only TWO minutes after the initial 911 call.
They fled into a nearby wooded area, and when they emerged, the Officer Donald shot the other brother multiple times. However, according to the lawyer for Chaplin and Thompson, both brothers were shot in the back, (The Olympian, June 4, 2015)

Neither brother was armed. Olympia police officer Ryan Donald was not injured. The initial shooting by Donald seems totally unjustified. Remember we are talking about suspects in an alleged shoplifting incident. It’s worth questioning what level of pursuit was even reasonable in that circumstance. The second set of shots that took place a few moments after the first is a case of attempted murder. Donald cannot claim that he was in imminent danger when he fired the second time.
One of the brothers was questioned hours after the shooting. The other was not questioned that day because he was unconscious. Officer Donald was given more than five days before he was interviewed by local law enforcement and his version of what happened has still not been made public.

The City’s Response:

Initially the City of Olympia responded very quickly with multiple press conferences the day of the shooting. Although city officials promised total transparency, to this day they are “unable” to reveal any details or actual information because the Thurston County Special Crimes Task Force is in charge of the investigation.

It has been a month since the shooting and although the Task Force has finished their report, it has not been made available to the public, “pending information from the Washington State Crime Lab”.

In the days and weeks since the shooting Mayor Buxbaum has been front and center at many community forums. He has taken a decidedly calculated approach at shepherding the conversation away from the officer involved shooting to less confronting and generally more comfortable conversation about “Poverty and Crime”.

In a recent community forum in a largely minority church Mayor Buxbaum said in his opening statement he wanted to have a conversation about poverty and “misunderstandings”. This as if the shooting of two unarmed black men by a white police officer was only a misunderstanding and poverty was the cause. Mayor Buxbaum has echoed those sentiments publicly many times since.
Mayor Stephen Buxbaum presented a report to the council Tuesday with recommendations for “next steps” that can be accomplished in the short term, specifically when “addressing the connection between crime and poverty.” The Olympian, June 17

Victim Blaming, White Washing, and Distraction

Yes, every community needs to have a conversation about poverty and crime. However, in the context of an officer involved shooting a conversation talking about poverty and crime is nothing more or less than victim blaming. It’s an intentional attempt to divert the conversation away from an officer who shot two unarmed men.

When a woman is sexually assaulted and people talk about what she was wearing as a “cause”, it is victim blaming. We all recognize that. When an unarmed black man or two is shot by a white officer and the dialog is about poverty and crime, it’s victim blaming and we should all recognize that too. It’s also important to note that minority populations in our community are not largely marginalized by poverty and asserting that is racist and white washing.

It’s also dangerous because when you point the finger at the victim in any case because it takes the focus off of changing the behavior that caused the victimization. In this case when you focus on poverty you are NOT focusing on racism and excessive use of force.

We should also be talking about the Officer who pulled the trigger.

Why? Because he pulled the trigger, five times.

Is he racist? No one knows that besides Officer Ryan Donald. It’s widely reported that he had highly insensitive images on his Facebook profile, before it was taken down hours after the shooting. These included an image of Martin Luther King Jr. with a heading that read, “I Have a Dreamsicle” and a photo-shopped Dreamsicle in his hand. If that sounds too outrageous to believe you can find those images on twitter if you search #olympiashooting and scroll down. However, we can never really know what was in his head when he pulled the trigger.

Was it racism?

Was it fear based on an unconscious bias?

Was it a failure of the officer’s training?

Could that much force have possibly been justified?

These are the questions we need to be asking ourselves and talking about in this community. Anything else is distraction.

What can you do?

This community has been traumatized by an event and that event is not the alleged or attempted shoplift of a case of beer. This community has been deeply injured by something we all naively thought could never happen here.
Please contact Mayor Stephen Buxbaum and tell him you want to have a conversation about an officer involved shooting of two unarmed men. Tell the city council we will not tolerate victim blaming and we do not want to be distracted from the issue at hand. The issue at hand is accountability.

Mail: Olympia City Council, PO Box 1967, Olympia, WA 98507-1967

Phone: 360.753.8447 (City Council office)

Email: sbuxbaum@ci.olympia.wa.us


The Radical Rebranding of a Police Shooting

On Saturday, June 20, the Olympia City Council had their scheduled quarterly retreat. Given the recent Officer involved shooting you might think they would have taken time in their retreat to discuss that. However, they didn’t. This image is a picture taken from the whiteboard in their retreat. This item was buried under several other items about ⅓ of the way through their agenda.

Flier Agenda

The City Council doesn’t want to talk about a shooting. They want to talk about elevating police department accomplishments.
Think about that.

Without a doubt any officer involved shooting is a public relations crisis for a city, even more so when it’s a white officer who shoots two unarmed black men. When faced with a public relations crisis you can do one of two things. You can face the hard issues head on or you can rebrand and spin.

Unfortunately it’s clear Olympia is taking the spin approach. Racism is a hard thing to talk about, however even if they don’t have the courage to talk about racism one would still hope they’d be willing to talk about use of force and police brutality. Our city council led by Mayor Buxbaum wants to talk about “crime and poverty” and elevating police accomplishments.

That is rebranding. We are smart enough to recognize it when we see it.

Talking about crime and poverty is victim blaming. We are smart enough to recognize that too.
The current city approach is to do ANYTHING but face this shooting head on and avoid talking about the officer at all costs.
When you look at this image, how do you feel?

If it makes you uncomfortable you’re in good company.

Officer Donald pulled the trigger in the dark at least five times. It’s widely reported that this image was posted on Officer Donald’s facebook page before the page was taken down hours after the shooting. Several screenshots of this page are available online.

However, if the city has it’s way we would forget about Officer Donald all together.

In fact, if the city has its way we’d also forget about Bryson Chaplin and Andre Thompson.

One of them is a father of two.
One of them was left paralyzed by the shooting.

We are a largely white community. However, make no mistake, no matter how white you are, this shooting still has an effect on you and your family. Our community is defined by how we respond to this tragedy.

White silence is functionally the same as racism. It’s time for us to speak out.

What can you do?
This community has been traumatized by an event and that event is not the alleged or attempted shoplift of a case of beer. This community has been deeply injured by something we all naively thought could never happen here.

Please contact Mayor Stephen Buxbaum and tell him you want to have a conversation about an officer involved shooting of two unarmed men. Tell the city council we will not tolerate victim blaming and we do not want to be distracted from the issue at hand. The issue at hand is accountability.

Mail: Olympia City Council, PO Box 1967, Olympia, WA 98507-1967

Phone: 360.753.8447 (City Council office)

Email: sbuxbaum@ci.olympia.wa.us

*-Our apologies for not being able to maintain the original formatting of the fliers above for technical reasons

American Freedom Party

This post on the American Freedom Party from Rose City Antifa may be interesting if you are wanting more background on what is probably the dominant racist organizing tendency in the Pacific Northwest right now.

This will particularly be the case for Olympia folks given that one of the instigators of the May 30th incursion, Jascha Manny, is at least peripherally involved with the group.

American Freedom Party
Logo of the American Freedom Party


We DON’T do Posters- This Is What We DO:

We would like to clarify that olydocuments is not in any way involved with the posters being put up around Olympia with the identities of ‘Nazis’ on them. We don’t have a position as a group regarding the posters.

It looks like some of the posters may have cut-and-pasted information from our site, but nobody consulted with us before doing so.

Olydocs is focused on an internet presence. We stand behind the information we have chosen to publish on our site and that information alone. We make every effort to verify the information on our site from multiple sources before posting.

We are very aware that the Nazi skinheads have rolled into town to support the police against BlackLivesMatter protests in response to the shooting of Bryson and Andre. All of us involved with olydocuments feel that the underlying issues of overt, systemic, and structural racism that are being targeted by BlackLivesMatter and its supporters are the big issue we need to stay focused on. Over the next weeks we will be making an effort to bring these issues more into focus.

We have reached out to people of color (PoC) organizers in the community whom we are familiar with and sought their feedback on our activities. We welcome ANY suggestions and concerns about our content, strategy, and tactics from anyone in the community. You can reach out to us by email, Facebook, or by posting comments on the blog.

To reiterate our program here is the information from our website about what we are about-

Olydocuments is dedicated to combating fascism, white supremacy, and police violence by carefully documenting and exposing it online.  The site will serve as a clearing house for images and other information about the activities of neo-Nazis, white supremacists, in our community and the Pacific Northwest. We will expand this to include police connections and violence as information comes in.  We are very conscious of related issues of structural and systemic racism and will do what we can to highlight them where possible.

Olydocuments is an affinity group formed to support ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬, Olympia antifa, and related groups, in the face of the threat posed by white supremacists to our community.

What We Aren’t-

We aren’t the media presence for #BlackLivesMatter, Olympia antifa, or white allies in Olympia and we don’t claim to speak for anyone but our own group. We are an independent affinity group organized to have two tightly focused goals.

What We Do-

We seek to document the identity and activities of Nazis, racists, and police that have targeted people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, and other targeted groups, and their supporters in our community. We want to put names on faces and collect as much information as we can about these fascists. We will make information about carefully confirmed fascists available on our site, so that targeted people can be aware who to look out for, and so people involved in anti-oppression work can know who the threat is, what their tactics are, how dangerous they might be, and so on.

We are, at least temporarily, trying to serve as a central location where people can go for real-time information about violent bigots, related, sightings and so on. But don’t solely rely on our site for up to minute info.

Understand that we appreciate people’s concerns about being photographically identified and will not under ANY circumstances put out images of people, or any other information, about those not carefully confirmed to be Nazis, fascists, or their supporters, under any circumstances, particularly images that might lead to the identification of people engaged in potentially unlawful acts during protests or actions (we hope others do the same).
Also understand that we will be very careful to only publish information on people who are active Nazis, white supremacists, commit police brutality, or are violent bigots. We don’t want innocent people to be targeted. That means that if we out somebody on the web site as a Nazi we have solid information that they are both white supremacist and actively organizing or participating in actions.

Orion Wotan Identified as Being Active May 30th

We’ve been aware of local Nazi Orion Wotan for a while.  Below you can see him at the initial Nazi police support protest at City Hall-

“Orion Wotan” at the City Hall Protest


Here we see a social media post in which Wotan talks about being present at the action the evening of the 30th-

Olympia May 30th, Orion Wotan
   Orion Wotan discusses his participation in the incursion on the evening of May 30th. The 88! stand for HH or Heil Hitler! (H is the 8th letter of the alphabet)

If anyone has more information on this guy please send it along.

Police Fraternization

In this video we see Nazi skinhead fellow traveler and Black Top Demon frontman Joe Ty fighting shoulder-to- shoulder with police against BlackLivesMatter protesters-


Here we see two of those same cops apparently keeping an eye on a vehicle with the Punisher comic logo used by Black Top Demon members during Saturday evening’s action. Are the cops looking out for their supporters interests by guarding the vehicle or waiting to meet a possible informant?


At left, a black truck with the skull symbol of Black Top Demon, in the lot next to McCoys / Obsidian at 7:46 pm. At right, two Olympia police standing next to the same truck, guarding it as the crowd marched by at 10:15 pm.
At left, a black truck with the skull symbol of Black Top Demon, in the lot next to McCoys / Obsidian at 7:46 pm. At right, two Olympia police standing next to the same truck, guarding it as the crowd marched by at 10:15 pm. [Photo on right is from front of vehicle]

Black Top Demon Redux

Compare this video-


with these images-

Joe Ty With Nazis in Background
This is clearly the same individual from the video taken earlier in the day- Joe Ty. Note the skinheads in the background.


Joe Ty with Nazis
In this long shot, the same individual, Joe Ty can be seen chilling with the Nazis.

It is very clearly the same individual.  For comparison note the President patch indicating Ty is the President of the Black Top Demons car club, which is visible both in the video and the stills.  The body language is also clearly the same.

In this video you can see Ty fighting with #BlackLivesMatter protesters-


A source that new Joe Ty when he was younger told us on the condition of anonymity that Ty was involved with Nazi skinhead groups in Aberdeen when he was younger and that he kept a Nazi flag in the window of his apartment during this time.  The same source said Ty has several friends of mixed races and doesn’t automatically think less of someone just because of race.  The source figures Ty is mostly into the Nazi skinhead look, the attention it gathers, and that he likes to fight.

Given his background and the images above it appears that old habits die hard.

More Pics From May 30th

Here are some additional pictures from May 30th.  If you can help ID any of these individuals please let us know.

Jascha Manny and a Supporter Right Before Fighting Broke Out on May 30th


Unidentified Skins During  At the Outset of Fighting on May 30th
Unidentified Skins During the Outset of Fighting on May 30th