The Joe Ty/Black Top Demon Connection

There has been a lot of comment around the internet regarding assertions by anti-Nazi protesters in Olympia, including this blog, that Black Top Demon’s front man Joe Ty and Black Top Demon supporters have ties to Nazi Skinheads threatening the Olympia’s #BlackLivesMatter movement and supporters. In the interest of fairness and transparency this is what we know-

1.) Black Top Demon Denies Supporting Nazis.  They have issued the following on their Facebook page-

We have never supported the nazis . Period

Protesters say what ever they can and spread lies to discredit us for supporting the Olympia police department.

Our members of Black Top Demon are mixed race.

We do support the olympia police department.

And how does supporting the Olympia police department make us Nazis ?

I guess if you package it right. And target the right demographic for your cause . People will believe anything.

We do NOT support Racism!
We do NOT support Racism!
We do NOT support Racism!

Our group shining example of Utopia you wish you had. We have members of all races , sexual orientation and religious beliefs in Black Top Demon.

2.) In contradiction to this, it is known that, as of May 31, Joe Ty was friends on Facebook with Jascha Manny, the skinhead who organized the incursion into Olympia on Saturday.  Here is a screen shot from Manny’s Facebook taken last night.  Ty appears at the top right of Manny’s friends list-

Manny has now deleted or locked his Facebook friends list.

Jascha Manny Nazi, Joe Ty
Jascha Manny, AKA Manny Jay’s Facebook Friends List- Not Joe Ty in the Upper Right of the Friends Grid
Jascha Manny Masked up and in Action on Saturday Night


3.)  Many other people on Ty’s friends list before it was made private were known Nazi skinheads, including Orion Wotan, shown below, and dozens of his friends-

Orion Woton Nazi
Olympia Based Nazi Orion Woton
Orion Wotan, Joe Ty
Screen Capture from Orion Wotan’s Facebook Page

4.) Ty is reported to have fought with #BlackLivesMatter protesters at actions prior to Saturday’s events.

This is what we are able to document at this point.  Judge as you will.  Further information is welcomed.

5 thoughts on “The Joe Ty/Black Top Demon Connection

  1. He has a heavy metal band…that is kind of stereotypical for Nazis (sorry, just true)…..So of course he is going to have “fans” that are skinheads….Doesnt mean that he shares the same views. There is always two sides..


    1. We aren’t necessarily suggesting Joe Ty is a racist or an active Nazi skinhead. To be clear, here is the nuanced version of what we believe based on the information we have collected and had provided from anonymous sources.

      1. Joe Ty is an active supporter of the Olympia police, seen on video fighting BlackLivesMatters protesters alongside the police.

      2. Members of the Black Top Demon car club have also assisted police and threatened BlackLiveMatter protesters and their allies.

      3. After protesting in support of the cops and helping them fight anti-racist/anti-police violence protesters, Ty was seen fraternizing with Nazi skinheads in front of city hall.

      4. He is or was friends on Facebook with several of the skinheads he was photographed hanging out with outside City Hall.

      5. Multiple sources have told us off the record that Ty was a Nazi skinhead in Aberdeen when he was younger. One source said that Ty has a Nazi flag hanging in a trailer on his property. Another said that he hung a Nazi flag in the window of his apartment when he was living in Aberdeen. He has also been overheard joking that his band should go on tour with Skrewdriver (the archetypal British Nazi skinhead band, defunct since 1993).

      6. Our sources all say Ty has people of color and LGBT friends and that he doesn’t seem to always judge people based on race.

      We are NOT arguing that Ty is an active Nazi. The evidence tends to suggest that he is not overtly racist. However, we have substantial proof that Ty is an apologist for police brutality against people of color, willing to violently support the cops on the streets (neither of which he denies), and that he is happy to fraternize with Nazi skins online and in person. Furthermore, some of the skinheads he has been photographed being cozy with were the same ones who led the incursion into Olympia on May 30th. We don’t think hanging out with racist skinheads that invade our town or taking the police’s side in street protests is cool or acceptable and we are happy to have been able to expose these activities.

      We strongly encourage BlackLivesMatter and other anti-racists to be extremely cautious around Ty and any Black Top Demon members or supporters. He is clearly tight with the people we are taking to the streets against. It is likely that Ty and his supporters may be collaborating with the police in covert ways, as well as the ones they have been filmed doing in the open. Once again keep them at a distance.


  2. List of shit I don’t care about; who anyone associates with, who people keep as friends is their business. I basicially feel about racism is I feel about most things, everyone has their opinion, which they’re entitled to. Based hatred of color is stupid. But, being stupid is fortunately legal. As far as cops go, I dunno how I feel anymore.


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