“That’s Rock and Roll”- Joe Ty Strikes Again

Black Top Demon front man and Nazi fellow traveler Joe Ty has struck again- attempting to set at least one person at a Saturday evening Kurt Cobain Days show in Aberdeen on fire. Someone in the crowd apparently sprayed Joe with beer.  Ty responded by taking a hairspray can tossed to him by a band member and turning it into an improvised flamethrower, which he unleashed on the offending concertgoer setting his hat and hair on fire.

Joe Ty With Nazis in Background
Black Top Demon front man Joe Ty in Olympia on May 26th, with some of the same Nazi skinheads who attacked the demonstration on May 30th in the background.

Police located the highly inebriated victim at a nearby bar, smelling of scorched hair.  He refused to press charges, repeatedly saying, “That’s rock and roll!”  No other victims were located and no arrests were made.

Getting sprayed with a little beer now and then is part of the bar band gig.  It certainly doesn’t warrant setting another human being on fire.  This incident serves to highlight that, whether Joe Ty is a racist or not, he certainly behaves like a dangerous sociopath and we should all make sure that he, his band, and their violent and racist supporters are not welcome in our communities.

Newstalk KBKW Report on the Incident


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