Archived Reports

This is an archive of reports we received during the dates listed below. Many of the reports were condensed and edited when appropriate (for example: if someone said “skinhead” when they meant “nazi skinhead” we may have changed it to that or “fascist.”) 

May 30 – List Of Reports

Caution- many of these reports have been posted because someone saw something suspicious.  Don’t take it as a given that the person(s) described are Nazis without first doing your own due diligence.

– approx. 8 45 pm
Observed white male walking white blonde woman with curly blonde hair; white male had no hair; baggy white t shirt and blue jeans; white female wearing white denim shorts
– sandy blond/light brown hair/creased skin; mid to late 40s; navy blue coat; blue jeans; black sneakers; walked down past the voyeur; later walked past obsidian; looked folks outside the voyeur. It’s dusk. Where is bb? Get down here pls
6:15 p.m.: Blue 80s sedan driving south on Plum St. (towards I-5) with “Black Top Demon” in big letters across the windshield.

Approximately 8 15 to 8 45 pm today

– observed white pickup truck with “brown wings ” decal
Driver: white male, no hair, husky build, driving up 4th ave
– two white males (one went into east side tavern) wearing Seattle “sports colors” (lime green on sneakers and shirt); no hair but wearing hats (???); no tattoos

4:00 p.m.- Spotted just now on 4th avenue driving past Well: large green ford, no canopy, toolbox, driver white tattooed male, suspenders, shaved head, sunglasses. Vehicle may have been spotted last night as well. License plate is something like: B33916.

The truck seen last night full of Nazis at the corner of 4th and Cherry is reported to have looked very similar to this one-

The truck sited full of Nazis at the corner of 4th and Cherry on the 30th  of May was similar to this one.
The truck sited full of Nazis at the corner of 4th and Cherry on the 30th of May

May 30 – List Of Reports

This was a running list of fascist activities or other related info submitted to us from folks in town for May 30th-Saturday. We tried our best to confirm info as it came in so there were a lot of activities not listed due to the lack of ablity to confirm or substantiate.

Thank you to all that shared and reported on events. We used #DefendOly but others also used were  #OlympiaShooting #blacklivesmatterwa #blacklivesmatter #olywa #olyantifa  and more. As a community, we hope to have eachother’s backs for the long haul and continue to do our parts to dismantle racism and other forms of oppression to which fall under the banner of fascism.

Link to listen to streaming Thurston County Police scanner:

11AM Confirmed – Truck with confederate flag on back window- Blue Dodge 4×4, WA license plate number B62590G, heading to downtown Olympia headed due East down 5th Ave bridge at 11 AM 5/31/15. Turned down on Water street due South from 5th Ave.Driver was white male, dark brown hair with beard.
Passenger was white female, no further description available.Both appear to be in mid-40’s.No visible weapons, tool kit in bed of truck.
Anyone else have more info on this?The sum of what I see is this: White nazi bronco- windows busted out by antifa’s.

2Am -4AM – Reports that Nazis were chased into the Train Tunnel. Fighting. Police scanners mentioned something about this briefly too. One Nazi had teeth broken. 

Reminder: stay in groups if you are leaving. Do not walk alone to places.

1:51AM Direct report: 9 fascist at 5th & Cherry St NE, west of City Hall. In a large red Ford truck. Update: truck has moved on.

1:18AM Unconfirmed: fascist are dispersed around Oly looking for folks at the protest. Any confirmations? It wouldn’t surprise me but confirmation is good with descriptions of the fascists and locations. Thanks

12AM  Percival Landing- No fascist at the moment or swat.

11:43PM 15-20 fascist near Percival Landing via reports, police are monitoring the vehicles.

11:30PM Swat Team stationed on 5th and Capital behind Olympia Federal Savings.

11:28PM Unconfirmed- reports of attacks on Westside now. Awaiting confirmation on who they are. Police scanner: “3 truckloads of nazis gearing up by ‘rental place’.”

11:23PM Reminder: Go NOWHERE alone. As folks disband go in numbers. Go to the safeplaces to find rides and etc. Word is some folks were pepersprayed and heading to Obsidian for help.

10:58PM Police Scanner Report: person maced by Oyster House. Can hear the protesters coming down the street.

10:48PM more police equipment came out behind city hall. possibly unrelated, older man hit by baseball bat but no location information, more police chatter about mobilizing. Be alert of the cops. Police Scanner Report: “looks like they [protesters] are heading back to Percival Landing.” they want to divert traffic to 4th around the Oyster House.

10:44PM Repost: riot police 2 blocks from protest in front of city hall. Police saying crowd numbers are half of what they were. Stay safe. Watch for the cops.

10:33PM Just got word, Nazi’s are running away! Oly protesters ran them away. Witnesses say bricks thrown and pepper spray used to deter Nazi’s. Livestream and video taking happening.

White Nazi bronco- windows busted out by anitfa’s/protesters. Some scuffles resulting in blood and pepper spray between Nazi’s and protesters, which Posted up perpendicularly across 4th ave. cops blocked off street and seem to have been between the protesters and the leftover Nazis.

Also heard police call some folks with baseball bats “anarchist” but on the ground reports are they are fascists. (this was later found that various groups had baseballs)

10:23PM Awesome Oly protesters from Cherry to Chestnut! Police scanners: hear cops want to move protesters off the streets.

9:53PM Updated (10;13PM) stabbing unrelated.Unknown source,: possible stabbing by Oly Library. No other information at this time. Cops onsite. No other details yet. Anyone with police scanners out there? Email me info if you know. Not sure if related to fascists or not? ‪#‎defendoly‬

9:46PM Reposting: Oregon license plate 914CWR-  a bunch of nazi’s showed up in, apparently they met another group by Sylvester park and are walking towards Percival landing with a small fluffy dog. #defendoly

9:30PM Word is Demons (Black Top Demons) are no longer at landing, walking around. Also, Nazis spotted walking around and Biker SS Nazis walking.

One person reported ” Banditos spotted downtown last night. Just be aware they are in town and if they arrive you may want to get the hell out before a biker clash.” Banditos, we are assuming, may be a rival gang of bikers.

9:14PM Demons group at landing now! Take pictures of them.

9:03PM Group called Black Top Demons are on their way to landing.

Two Nazi bikers at West Side Tavern. SS insignia on helmets

Good crowd of Oly peeps at Percival Landing – but can use MORE PEEPS!

8:25pm – more of them spotted the other side of town. The two groups, one from city hall direction and this group on the other side of town are walking in towards each other to meet at Percival Landing. Please share. Please blast this info out via your social media. No cops spotted.

7:56pm – Nazi spotted downtown- please come to Percival Landing!

Nazi spotted – please come to Percival Landing.

10-15 members of Black Top Demons gathered around their truck plate # AME3238.They were overheard talking about coming down at 9pm.
Walking from city hall to landing possibly to stay walking around then to landing at 9pm. Please share.

4:45pm-On intercity transit rte 62a inbound

Medium build, like muscular but not ripped? Clean-shaven. Round eyes, a bit bloodshot. Thin lips. White, bald, blue eyes, about 6’2 very red from sun exposure, white tank top, black carharts. Really standard bald white guy. Probably in his early 50’s May 29, about 4:45. Inbound 62a. Knocked into survivor under pretense of changing seats.

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