Rose City Antifa Profiles Washington Neo-Nazis

Rose City Antifa has recently issued an expose profiling the information they have on Nazi skinheads in Washington, focusing on those who came to Olympia on May 30th and their affiliates.

Hammerskins, Neo-Nazis, Nazi Skinhead, Olympia, Whidbey Island
Hammerskins and others at a commemoration for neo-Nazi Robert Mathews on Whidbey Island in December 2014, the photo includes individuals involved with the actions in Olympia on May 30 as well as people closely affiliated with them

The information presented in the article agrees with what we have collected independently at Olydocs.  Key takeaways include-

  1. The number of Nazi skinheads involved with the actions in Olympia was reasonably small- certainly less than 20.
  2. The group that came to Olympia was only loosely organized and Jascha Manny probably played a key role in pulling it together.
  3. Manny appears to be a new and fairly inept organizer and his appeals to other white supremacist groups in the region seem to betray a lack of knowledge of those groups, their internal politics, how they relate with other parts of the racist underground, and so on.  This suggests he doesn’t have a personal connection to those groups, something supported by some of his posts on and other social media.
  4. A combination of the strong response by anti-racists on May 30th, subsequent recriminations within the neo-Nazi community, and the exposure of some of the participants on this and other web sites has probably seriously diminished Manny’s ability to pull much support- as illustrated by the events of September 5th.
  5. The skinhead group Volksfront had nothing to do with the events in Olympia on May 30th.
  6. Some of the Nazis who came to Olympia on the 30th have ties to the Northwest Hammerskins organization.
  7. The Northwest Hammerskins appear to be the most organized Nazi skinhead group in Washington state right now.  This is partially due to a vacuum created by the collapse of other groups over the past several years.
  8. Matthew Schmoyer is probably the most prominent member of the Northwest Hammerskins in this state and someone who has ties to many of the Nazis who were involved in the recent events in Olympia.  Schmoyer was convicted for the racially motivated attack on a young black many in 2003.

Rose City’s conclusions are also solid.  While Manny has met with limited success he shouldn’t be counted out.  In some regards, such as seeking to capitalize on events that catalyze white racism like the police shooting in Olympia, he has showed good tactical judgment.  We should continue to keep an eye on his activities.

The Northwest Hammerskins are a threat we should take seriously.  Their membership and extended network includes a lot of people with considerable experience in the white racist community.  They also have strong internet presence and the ability to tap into deep ties to the white power music scene, which could be used as powerful organizing tools to grow their ranks and influence in our region.

Many thanks to Rose City Antifa for their hard work and vigilance!  Their excellent 3 October 2015 article can be read at-

Nazis Planning to Come to Olympia on Saturday, September 5th?

Posts shared on social media suggest that the Nazis who were active in Olympia on the 30th of May are planning to come back to Olympia on Saturday the 5th of September.  The following post was put out by Jascha Manny, one of the primary organizers for the last incursions into Olympia.

Take precautions and be prepared.

Jascha Manny is attempting to rally Nazis to come to Olympia on Saturday, September 5th.
Jascha Manny is attempting to rally Nazis to come to Olympia on Saturday, September 5th.